Saturday, September 4, 2010

It’s FALL!!!! And Ladies, there is something for you.

Fall is in the air. This is my most favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing. The weather is getting cooler. It's football time, and it's time I can get back outside and do some projects. This summer with the 100 plus temperatures add a good dose of humidity made it feel like you were wearing the air around you as soon as you walked outside, so the fall is something a bit different.
 For some, fall is a fresh start. I remember being so excited as a child for the first few days of school. New clothes. New book bag. New books, paper, pens and pencils. Everything was fresh and new.
Well, ladies, fall is here for you too. It is a fresh start. This semester we are support the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Our Bible study groups are asked to bring diapers and reams of paper to donate. The craft group will be making items to donate, and we'll be sending out more information shortly.
 We are starting our new Bible study on September 13th at 6 PM in the Fireside Room. The morning group will meet September 14th at 9:30 AM in the same location. The Bible study for this fall is When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas. This summer I was attending a convention and was able to hear her speak. She has us all laughing till we had tears rolling down our faces, but ladies, when she makes a point she doesn't mince words. This study is about "Becoming a Woman of Righteous Confidence." Who couldn't use that? Invite a coworker, a girlfriend, an acquaintance and come. You don't have to be a member of the church to participate.
 Also, we are starting up the craft nights again. September 17th from 6 PM – 8 PM. Bring a snack or drink to share and learn to knit a baby blanket to donate to the Crisis Pregnancy Center. If you scrap book, we would love for you to come and help put together a 6*6 book for a mother and then work on your books. If you crochet and want to make a blanket or something to donate, please come join the fun. You may have another art that you can do to support the Crisis Pregnancy Center. You are welcome to come.
 Now, you may be saying I don't do crafts. Do you pray? Come teach girls from the third grade on up how to pray over the fleece, tie-blankets they will be making to donate. A prayer is said for every knot made on the blanket. This is a wonderful opportunity to make an impact on the next generation in how to pray.
We have a "Girl's Night Out" coming in October, and other surprises along the way, so stay posted. I also suggest that you check the blog site at least once a month because we are adding tabs to the sidebar with information.
 Exciting things are in store ladies. Do you feel the excitement and energy? Do you want to be a part of it? We'd love for you to. Here are a few things we are looking for:
  1. Do you have a large kitchen? Do you like to cook? Would you consider allowing some young ladies come to your home to learn to cook or bake or decorate cakes? Would you open your home for someone to come and teach young women to cook or bake?
  2. Do you sew? Do you have a sewing machine? Would you be willing to help other women teach their daughters how to sew?
  3. Do you have spare bedrooms? Would you be willing to open your home for one night to moms in our church? Curious – call me.
  4. Do you have something to give? Have you been there and done that, and would you mind sharing your faith with another woman who is going through a similar situation? I want to know.
  5. Ladies, have you ever prayed or wished that another godly, growing, Christian woman was available to speak truth into you, encourage you, guide you, or mentor you? Let me know.
This women's ministry will be what you put into it. Are you committed? Are you ready? I am. I can't stand it! I am so stinkin' excited.
His Daughter,
Kristy Mullins