Friday, February 12, 2010

What does your Valentine say? AND YOU DO have a Valentine

Sunday is February 14th. It's a holiday made-up by society to celebrate love. Its icons include Cupid, roses, chocolates and other gifts to show one's level of admiration, affection and love.
 But it was brought to my attention that maybe instead of looking to another human being for the love and affection we so desperately want and crave, we need to look to our Father. So, if you were to make a Valentine for the Lover of your soul what would it look like? What would it say?

Think about this…Before you were created He knew you. Before you took your first breath, He had already ordained your footsteps and numbered your days. Before you were born, He knew you would make choices that would break His heart, and yet, He still created you; He still loves you; and He so desperately wants to be in a relationship with you. He thinks you are worth it. He thinks you are worth all the heartbreak. He knows you are worth dying for, and so He did it for you. "There is no greater love than this."

 When everyone around you and every situation and circumstance seems to hurt you, He wants to love on you and protect and guide you. Is that some crazy love or what?
He wants you to feel Him present. He wants you to feel His hands around your heart protecting it. He wants you to feel His arms around you holding you tight when things seem too hard to bear. God wants you just as you are. You are precious to Him. He finds you beautiful and worth loving. He loves you the way you need to be loved.

He wants to be there to prepare you for each day. He's there during the day waiting for a word from you, so He can share a Word with you. And at the end of the day, even though He's been with you the complete time, He still looks forward to your telling Him about your day and what your concerns are. He wants to listen to you. He is the lover of your soul. What more can you want?But what do we as women do? We still find ourselves looking to another human being to make us happy, to love us, and we've bought into the lie that we need another person to "complete" us. The only person we need to complete us, to fill our void, to heal our hearts is Jesus Christ, and He's waiting on YOU! What are you waiting on? What are you afraid of? If you're in a marriage or not, if you're in a relationship or not, why don't you give Him an opportunity to love you? Some of us who have been Christians for many years need a fresh touch from God. We need to cuddle up with the Word of God, spend some time quietly in His presence, and feel Him around us. And in those quiet moments when it is just you and the one who loves your imperfect self, may you feel the liberty in that love that you feel nowhere else. The liberty to expose you heart and your hurt and to entrust it to Him…the One who can heal, rescue, and repair.

So, what does your Valentine to the lover of your soul look like? What does it say?

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