Friday, March 5, 2010

Wonders how do you carry your spiritual gift? Do you have a designer bag?

Several weeks ago, I walked around holding a gift bag which contained a number of small, wrapped gifts. I took this bag to each of the ladies in my small group and asked them to take one. Some pulled the first available. Some saw and chose a box bigger than the others. And then when I told them I wanted them to carry it not only home but to church and to work, the ones with larger gifts exchanged it for smaller ones. Then when I told them there was really something in the box, some with smaller boxes wanted to exchange their gift for one in a larger box assuming there must be something better in a larger box.

This whole process has intrigued me. I'm really curious to know how many of the ladies are carrying their gift to work. I wonder if they are carrying it inside their homes. I wonder if anyone has asked them yet why they continue to carry around this unopened gift.

In all of my wondering, pondering, and thinking, it dawned on me that my ladies are treating the unopened gifts a lot like many Christians treat their true spiritual gifts. Once a Christian realizes they have received a spiritual gift from our heavenly Father, they begin wanting to exchange it for another gift of a different variety maybe. Then some Christians will carry their spiritual gift around, but it is hidden in the depths of their "spiritual purse" never seeing the light of day unless they decide to take it to church. Some Christians exercise their gifts occasionally at church but not necessarily at home or work. Rarely do we see the Christian who takes their spiritual gift out and use it, so it will benefit the body of Christ like He intends for us to do.

I can't wait for the ladies to open their gifts. We still have several weeks before this happens. Maybe I'll ask my ladies where they are carrying their gifts or if they've had any conversations. Either way, I think is very fascinating.

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