Monday, July 26, 2010

Sharing a Moment of My Quiet Time

There is something about sitting in the outdoors, listening to nature and studying God’s word. When I am in this surrounding it’s as if God reaches down and touches me all the way to the core. I absorb the nature around me, hearing and seeing things differently from the norm and knowing that by His hand these things are created. I love this moment, wishing every moment of my life were like this very moment. Even though it seems short-lived, I cherish it because at this precise moment of my life, I am able to connect with God so strongly, and that is my heart’s desire!

As I sit listening to the many sounds of nature, I think about how I am a vessel – simply that! I perceive my body as such and envision God taking out all the broken, sad, and hurtful pieces. He removes all the trash that has built up and collected there in my vessel. He takes it all out so that there is nothing dark or flawed or sad or tarnished left. Only the good that He has found in me is allowed to remain (which I envision to be only up to my ankles because I envision from my feet upward). So then I envision God’s pouring into my vessel – that part which is now mostly empty - His love, His wisdom, His healing, His ALL until my vessel is completely full, and there is nothing but Godliness from Him in me. I am His. He loves me, and I live for Him.

This is just one of the things I think about and envision in my quiet time with God.

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Donna Melancon

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