Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank God for Funnies

Washing your car at the local carwash sounds like such an easy task, and normally it is. On one particular day, I decided to take my 3-year-old grandson, Kylan, with me to help me out. I could teach him little everyday things; plus, this would be fun. What a beautiful morning God had blessed us with. We were going to enjoy our day: do a little visiting, do a little shopping --you know, that kind of stuff. But, first, we were going to get our dirty car washed!

We arrived at the carwash of choice, I grabbed my quarters, and we were ready! Kylan was going to be a big boy and help wash the car. I handed him the nozzle and told him to get ready while I put the coins in the machine.

Most machines that I’d used had the knob that you turned to whatever setting you wished. This one was a little different: it had numbers (which I hadn’t paid attention to) and pictures (which I thought were the buttons). I put the money in and kept pressing the picture; why wasn’t this thing working? I was thinking that Kylan must not be squeezing the sprayer nozzle down, but he was. As a matter of fact, he was standing facing me with the sprayer, showing me he was squeezing it. I turned to look at what else might be the problem with this old machine. OOOOh, buttons; that’s what you do. I pressed #9 and, boy, did things start happening!!!

Kylan was still facing me and still squeezing the nozzle, just like his Nonna had told him, when the machine cut on. The initial constant spray was directly on me--with force, I might add!! Poor little Kylan was so scared--his big brown eyes wide and doing his best to control the hose which was moving around uncontrollably in his little hands. I was trying to get the hose from him, and he was trying to let me have it (no pun intended), but he kept facing me, so he kept spraying me, and, well, you get the picture. I’m sure we looked like two stooges, at that point. He must have realized that dropping the sprayer and running would be the best defense because that’s exactly what he did. Needless to say, I was soaking wet, and I most definitely was on my own when it came to washing the car.

I could not stop laughing as I washed the car and as I looked at him peeping around from the other stall to watch me wash the car. I’m sure you are wondering if anyone else saw us. Well, the answer is “yes.” There were other people there vacuuming their vehicles, and we were in plain view. I’m pretty sure we made their day!!!

The moral of my story is this –“Be prepared for the unexpected and find humor in it, if at all possible!!!!!” Or, the moral of the story could be—“Pay attention.” Or—“If you don’t pay attention, be prepared for the unexpected and find humor in it, if at all possible. I wonder which one the Lord was trying to teach me that day. Regardless of the moral, we should thank God for the funnies or comical things that transpire in our normal daily walks of life just as we thank God for the serious things that transpire in our lives. I most certainly thanked God for this funny moment that I shared with my grandson. I don’t think either of us will soon forget it!

Written by Donna Melancon

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