Thursday, April 1, 2010


If you aren't coming to Community on Wednesday night, then you are missing out on a mid-week upper. Last night was phenomenal!

I love going because it gives me a chance to see people I haven't seen in a while because we are in two services on Sunday morning or because I'm busy with kids or women's ministry. I love going because I'm meeting people I've never met before – some are new members, some are old members and some are visitors. But even better than that, we get to meet with family, our church family and circle around tables eating with them and then praying with them. There's singing and worship. It's just an uplifting experience.

Then there was choir practice. There were 92 people there for the practice. God has given Pastor Rick the number 80, as in we should have 80 people in the early and late service singing in the choir. If you enjoy the music on Sunday morning, you should come try out the choir. You don't have to be a soloist because I assure you I am not. But last night we were raising the roof, worship God Almighty and praising His name. "For the Lord is good, and His mercy is everlasting and His truth endures to all generations!" Psalms 100:5

Last night as I was sitting in choir practice and when I was standing worshipping my Savior, it dawned on me – "For Christians, Easter is our Independence Day." When I think of Independence Day I think of freedom. We enjoy freedom in this country, and we celebrated it on Independence Day. For Christians, we have such freedom in Christ because He not only overcame death, He defeated it! And by His victory over death, I have freedom. "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." (2 Cor 3:17) That's what I felt in choir practice last night – FREE. Free from the bondage of sin. Free from fear and anxiety. I was free to open my heart to Him knowing He would never harm me. I can lay down the stresses of my day and just worship Him. He wanted to meet with me last night. I sought Him, and I found Him waiting for me with arms wide open.

Are you ready to abandon your dignity and pride? Are you ready to abandon and release your hold on what you think is important in this life? Are you ready to release your anxiety and fear? Abandon it all. Find freedom. Come Sunday morning to Calvary. Come and find freedom, excitement, energy, new life. Come find encouragement. And then, come to Community on Wednesday for an empowering and energizing time with your family.

I love you, ladies. Great things are coming. Can you feel it?

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