Monday, November 1, 2010

Mary and Martha - The Christmas Tea

I have to admit I borrowed the title for our Christmas Tea from a sweet friend of mine who leads a women’s ministry in Virginia. I thought the title was so appropriate, but little did I know how God planned to use the title, “How to Have a Mary Christmas in a Martha Month” to affect me.

Many of you know I am going to seminary to earn a Master’s degree in Christian Education with a focus on Women’s Ministry. This past week I was there taking a couple of classes – “Bible Study for Women” and “Women and Church Growth.” While there I had an opportunity to participate in a ministry that I had looked forward to doing, but as the day progressed, my heart became heavier and heavier, and I knew I would have to miss the ministry opportunity to meet with God in my little hotel room. What He led me to and through is what I would like to focus our next few postings to in order to best prepare for our tea.

Before we get started, please take time to pray. Focus your attention on your Creator, the Lover of your Soul, the One who gives meaning to your life. Tell Him the things for which you are grateful. Tell Him why you love Him, and then ask Him to open your eyes to see what it is He wants you to see and ask Him to reveal to you what it is that you are to apply to your life.

Please open your Bible and read Luke 10:38-42. We all have our favorite version when reading the Scripture, but I’d like for you to go to and select another version and read these same verses.

In the verses, we are told that Jesus and His disciples were on their way to see Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Whose home did they go to? It said that Martha opened her HOME to Him. My mother-in-law designed her own home…every inch of it. She is creative and gifted. She made the bedspreads, cornice boards, drapes, and bed skirts to all match and of course they complement the paint choice flawlessly. Her home is in cool blues, and I find such peace and serenity when I go to visit. She thinks of every little detail and has things prepared ahead of time. What a gifted hostess. Martha was about to be hostess to thirteen grown men and whatever crowds may show up. Have you ever had that happen to you? A large group of people just show up? We don’t know if she knew if they were coming or not, but what the Scripture does say is she opened her HOME.

The Scripture then goes on to say Martha’s sister, Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet. Mary sat. Where did she sit? At the Lord’s feet. I love to sit and soak in the Word. It’s refreshing to hear others teach the Word of God, but I can only imagine what it was like to sit at Jesus’ feet. Not only did Mary sit, but she was listening. She wasn’t idle or lazy. She was listening and learning.

Martha opened her HOME, but Mary opened her HEART and her MIND to be filled by Jesus. Martha was so distracted and worried and upset by so many different things that she did not make set her priorities in the right order.

As we prepare for this Christmas Tea when we will have an opportunity to invite our coworkers, girlfriends, and family members, let’s remember to keep our hearts and minds focused on Jesus, so we may be full of Him and not so distracted by the stressors and craziness the life affords.

My prayer is that you will follow this blog at least until the tea. Please be praying for this tea that girls and women will come to Jesus and will be encouraged to open their hearts and mind to Him as well.

I love ya’ll.

His Daughter,


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