Monday, October 5, 2009

5K and Forward

For those of you who don’t know me and my family, we are all very sports-oriented, and I am a runner in training. When I first began running, it was oooh sooo hard. Often times, I wondered if I would ever get stronger and if my runs would ever get easier. I set my goal (1 mile), and my desire to reach my goal kept me enduring the challenge even when I wanted to give up.

First , I just ran. But then I realized that to get better, I needed more knowledge, so I read, researched, studied, and talked to other runners who were more experienced. I ran with friends, signed up for races, placed myself around others which, in turn, motivated me and kept me wanting more. I began to understand what was needed in order to reach my goal. I became better and stronger, and what started out as just one mile became two, then three, five, nine and now 13.1--or the ½ marathon. Because of effort, time, perseverance and my heart’s desire, I realized that what once was so difficult had become easier. I was able to reach beyond my initial goal. Wow, had I actually made it this far?

My runs became more fulfilling. Fulfilling in the sense that running was time I spent with my Lord, thanking Him for the beauty around me, focusing on my life’s purpose and praying for myself and others. I realized that if I had the “heart” to succeed in running, how much better I could be in God’s work if only I channeled that same desire to build my relationship with God. What would His goal be for me? What would His distance be for me? What is my life’s purpose from Him? The motivation I got when I thought of my heart’s desire to live for Him combined with His almighty power PUMPED ME UP! Wow, with that combination, things could really get done!

I don’t know about you, but I truly do believe God can move mountains. I desired to be in His presence and have His almighty power work in me. I desired to know what He had in store for me. As with running or any sport, if you don’t have the heart, you will be just mediocre or “middle-of-the-road,” but if you have the heart, you go beyond the norm, being extraordinary, superb, first-rate! I wanted to be first-rate in my service for God. I surrendered to Him, and things began to take shape. God began giving me direction and understanding of where and what He was wanting me to be doing. My God-given gift began to surface. With God’s help, I was running in the right direction and placing myself around others who were teaching me, motivating me to use my desire and passion to help connect with women in crises, women who suffered heartache, felt jaded, alone, helpless, going down, and unnoticed.

Now, as with running, I am increasing my distance in God’s purpose of my life, and so can you. With God’s help, you can begin to use your God-given gifts. Although there will be challenges along the way, God will steer you, and other Christians will motivate you to stay on the path. We will gain the strength we need to persevere and never give up. We, as Christian women, just need to start, set out, get moving in the right direction. With God as our coach, we will become better and stronger, and we will be able to reach beyond what we ever imagined we could do. God desires that we run the race for Him and take others along with us. As Nike states, “Just Do It.” Join in the run for connecting the hearts of women by using your God-given gift . When our work on this earth is done, then the final race will have been run, and will all cross the finish line together. We will all be winners!!

By:  Donna Melancon

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Thank you for writing this. What discipline you have in running the distance, and what a great parallel with our Christian walk. I appreciate your perspective and the time you took to listen to God and allow Him to direct you on this. I loved it.