Friday, October 9, 2009


If you are on Facebook, you may have seen or taken the quiz about what Biblical character are you most like. I'd like to know the answer to that question and the why or what characteristics make you like that person. It will be interesting to see the answers. We have an Avalon CD to give away to one who answers the question. We'll put your names in a hat and pull one. So let's get started.


Connecting Hearts...One Woman at a Time said...

The Biblical character that I am most like is Deborah. That's the answer from the FB quiz, and I have had others call me that. I believe it is because when my walk is so close to the Lord, He gives me the courage to speak His word in order to encourage and give direction. I pray that I have Deborah's wisdom too. She was also a woman in a man's world, much like I am in my current job. Go DEBORAH!

Traci Adams said...

I just took the same Quiz, and my result was David. I kinda was hoping for Daniel, but I do see the connection. David really had a heart for God, but finds himself in the biggest messes. Only by humbling yourself before God, with a heart that is broken to sin and it's most deadly consequences can we continue our walk with God. David also tried ideas that were noble and good ideas in theory, but not God's ideas. The point is, David keeps trying. He never stops trying and seeking God.

Sunni said...

I found the quiz! Here are my results-

You are most like SARAH

Dedicated to your spouse/boyfriend, you would do anything for them. You also are a woman of faith, who takes God at His word. You have much wisdom, and are a role model to many other women, both young and old. Your life is filled with adventure, often times and is unpredictable as you live a kind of "nomadic" existence as the Spirit leads.

Connecting Hearts...One Woman at a Time said...


What I like about David is the fact that God didn't overload him with Goliath first off. God built David up from defending the flock from small preditors to large and then God moved him on to Goliath.

Right now, you have a "Goliathian" (if that is such a word) task that you are in the middle of, and just like David, God will not only provide but He will carry and deliver you.


I love the fact that you are Sarah. Boy, it hit right on the mark with you. That is amazing.

His Daughter,

Kristy Mullins