Monday, November 23, 2009

What Are Your Traditions and Family Recipes?

I would love to get some ideas from you. What are some of your holiday traditions? What are some of your favorite recipes? We have a Beth Moore book to give away.

One of our traditions I started after a friend told me she did it. When she would set up the Nativity Scene, she wouldn't put out the Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus would come out Christmas morning. They would sing "Happy Birthday," and it helped them focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

How do you keep your focus and your family's focus on the real meaning of the holidays whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Help me out, ladies.


Holly said...

Our holiday tradition..... Every year I buy all of us "matching pajamas" and on Christmas eve we wear our matching pj's all day long and bake Christmas cookies. We snuggle up on the couch and watch all the old Christmas movies on tv. And then before bed we all curl up in bed and read the Christmas story! It's a day of comfy cuddling and cookies for us! It's a day..... To spend quality time together as a family and to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Kristi, when my children were growing up we always had a Christmas Birthday Cake for Jesus. On Christmas Day we would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and the children would blow out the candles. That way they would grow up knowing what Christmas was all about, HIM. My daughter continues this tradition with her children.

Pat Clary