Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amazing Stories (Encouragement)

We have some of the most phenomenal women in our church. Just since I started leading the Women IN Ministry, I've had opportunities to meet women one-on-one and hear their stories. EVERY WOMAN HAS HER OWN STORY! You have your own story. And I find each story and each woman fascinating.

Some women have endured abuse, divorce, addiction, defeat, neglect, grief, loss of a child, illness, and so many things that would blow your mind if you heard, and yet they don't know how awesome their own story is. The women who have been bold enough to trust me with their stories always include how God brought them through it, how they can now see God's hand working it out for her good. That gives me goose bumps. Our God is alive and working it out in our lives every day if we just WAKE UP! (To quote Pastor Rick)

Then I am so honored when these women tell me they are willing to share their stories with another woman who may be going through a similar situation. I love that. How generous our women are. How generous our God is.

If you have a story you are willing to share with another woman who may be going through the same thing, I'd love to talk to you or you can write me at Kmullins@calvaryshreveport.org.

In all of our journeys, in all of our stories along the way we have all needed encouragement. Haven't we? I know I have. There have been times when I couldn't find anything to be thankful for, and God was faithful to provide someone to stand in the gap for me. Then He was faithful and provided someone along the way to encourage me.

Ladies, I don't know about you, but there are some Sunday mornings when I am not in the frame of mind to go into worship. I've had a hard, trying week. I've had to referee at least one fight that morning before leaving the house. I'm sure I've torn the house apart looking, searching for the boy's shoes or underwear. And the truth is I'm just worn slap thin. If that is you or if that is a girlfriend sitting beside you during Sunday school, discretely step out of your Sunday school class and head to the Women IN Ministry office.

The Women IN Ministry office is the office across the foyer from Sunni's large desk. This office is going to be open, and there is going to be a growing, godly lady who will be in there to listen to you, to pray with you, and to encourage you. It takes only about 15 minutes, maybe 20 at the most.

Will you have the courage to share you heart with another woman? Will you allow her to encourage you? Wouldn't you get more out of worship if your heart and mind were focused and encouraged? Yes, it would.

Your story, your relationship to God is precious. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement along the way. I hope you take this opportunity to do something for yourself. You deserve it.

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