Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Wayward Friend or Child

Who is a score keeper? Who is a keeper of wrongs? I have to admit early on in my marriage not only was I a score keeper, but after arguing with attorneys all day, I took that skill home and would annihilate any argument my husband might have tried with me. I realized once during the middle of an argument when I was on point number two just what I was doing.

Today as part of my quiet time, I went to and read the verses for today. I chose to read it in The Message. Ezekial 20 talks about God and how His children rebelled against Him. More than once it reads, "I seriously considered inflicting my anger on them in force there in Egypt. Then I thought better of it. I acted out of who I was, not by how I felt." (OH, Lord, I want to act out of whose I am instead of how I feel!) God is the ultimate score keeper. In another Bible study I read today, it said God didn't explain Himself. He let the repercussions fall as they may or allowed the problem to work itself out in instances.

Time after time the children of God rebelled. Then the next generation arose, and they rebelled time after time. God got His fill and ended up showing His strength and flexing His proverbial muscle. Even God reached His maximum tolerance level with His chosen children. They were out from under His protection. He separated them, spread them apart, and then His sword went into motion. I don't pretend to know what it's like to have a child go away from the way of God, and I hope I never have to because I've seen heart-broken mommas and the grief caused by a wayward child. Sometimes it's not a child. Sometimes it is a spouse or friend.

I would like to encourage you to read James 5. It talks about our speech and how we are to speak to one another, and then I challenge you to claim James 5:17, "The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with." (The Message) I absolutely love that verse.

Please read the words to a Casting Crowns' song "Prayer for a Friend": (Pray it for your friend or child who needs to return to God).

    Lord, I lift my child to You.

    I've done all that I know to do.


    Lord, I lift my child up to You.

    Complicated circumstances have clouded her view.


    Lord, I lift my child up to You.

    I fear that I won't have the words that she needs to hear.

    I pray for Your wisdom, oh, God, and a heart that's sincere.

    I know she means much more to You.

    So, Lord, I lift my child up to You.


    I want so much to help her, but this is something she has to do.

    Lord, I lift my child up to You.

    There's a way that seems so right to her.

    But You know where that leads.

    She's becoming a puppet of the world, too blind to see the strings.

    Lord, I lift my child up to You.

God is in the miracle-working business, and this is the season for miracles. It's also the season to believe.

Love to you all,



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Donna said...

Kristy, I loved how you put all of that together. I had tears in my eyes reading it all. Thank you, and thanks to God. I know He forever works on our issues in life, and all things will work out to those that love the Lord.